Currency Pyramid


Are you ready to go beyond the numbers?

The Currency Pyramid is a framework designed for helping people to find more confidence, connection, and comfort in their relationship with money. 

From this framework, I created The Currency Program. The program is designed to examine and explore our beliefs, values, emotions, experiences, behaviors/patterns, and even our physiological responses to money. The program journey begins with an in-depth exploration of our Money Identity.

Through a deeper understanding of our Money Identity, we can reframe and reprogram how we value, relate to, and see money and the role that it plays in our lives. Instead of money being a tool we engage with from a place of fear, lack or avoidance, shame or guilt – money becomes a tool we can use to experience more freedom, security, abundance, and harmony in our life.

After we complete the Money Identity exploration, we then move into our Inner Currencies. Through the identification and embodiment of our Soul Currency, we can create more alignment in how we use our Time and Energy and infuse Creativity into our daily lives to orientate ourselves toward what brings us a true sense of joy, fulfillment, and purpose.

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