Currency Pyramid


What is the Currency Project ?

This project came out of my desire to go beyond the numbers with my clients and explore more non-traditional money work. I have been working on this for the last year! And it has honestly been part of my own process to heal my relationship with money. It has been a transformative journey to use what I learned in my process to help others examine and shift their relationship to money.

What was your motivation for the Currency Project?

After working as a CFO/ financial consultant for the last 5 years advising people on how to grow their business and manage their money – I began to realize that the biggest barriers to success that people were facing was not a lack of strategy, advisory or planning but more their relationship and emotions connected to money.

I wanted to discover a way for people to find more comfort, confidence and connection with money in their daily lives.

And the that is how the Currency Project was born!

Can you tell us more about the Currency Project and the Currency Pyramid?

Currency has traditionally been defined as just money. But when we go beyond that to its true definition, Currency really is just a medium of exchange , it is something that both you and I can agree has value.

This interpretation of Currency allows us to expand our definition and include more than just money as a form of currency.

This led to the creation of the Currency Pyramid which is a framework that invites us to reframe how we see money so we can begin to assign value to the other currencies that we available in our lives.

Currencies that I like to call our inner currencies – which are inherently ours and cannot be taken from us!

What are the different Currencies in the Pyramid?

Starting with the Inner Currencies – we have Soul Currency, which is at the base of the pyramid – which represents our core values, it lies at the root of who we are as individuals.

Then we have Time & Energy, which includes all of the different roles that we play in our lives – from being a partner, a parent, a sibling, a business owner, a friend, and a creator.

And then we have Creativity – one of the most valuable and overlooked currencies in my opinion. Each and every one of us is a creator. Every choice we make daily is a creation of our life experience!

And then we have Money – which sits at the top of the pyramid – because it is the most external currency. It is something that we all must engage with on a daily basis to function in our modern society. Money is deeply embedded in almost everything we do. We spend money, make money, receive money, save money, and sometimes value ourselves and others with money – there are countless ways that we are relating to money daily.

This is why it’s so important for us to do the work to really understand our relationship and connection to money.

What is the work that you are referring to as it relates to Money?

A lot of the money work we typically see that aims to go beyond the numbers focuses on Money Mindset – how we think about money – but the reality is that money goes beyond just the mind.

I started using the term Money Identity to replace Money Mindset to take a more holistic view on how deeply rooted money is in both the mind AND body.

I define Money Identity as our values, experiences, beliefs, emotions, habits, patterns, and physiological and behavioral responses related to money. These live not just in our minds but also in our bodies and shape how we identify with Money.

The Mind & Body Connection to Money

What is the work we can do with our bodies as it relates to Money?

As part of the Currency Project, I recently ran a 3-month program which took people on an exploration of their Money Identity.

This includes revisiting childhood to uncover what lies at the roots of their current Money Identity. And then we examine where they are now as adults in their relationship with money – using their Money Identity as a container for our exploration.

Part of the adulthood exploration, includes a visualization exercise called the Money Feels. This exercise helps people to tune into their bodies to identify the physiological and behavioral responses that their body has to money.

These responses can help us to identify moments when we are feeling aligned and in a good place with money. It also helps us to identify when money feels difficult and is creating negative emotions and undesired outcomes in our lives.

Think about it as a way for us to use everyday situations with money (like spending, and receiving money) to uncover the deeper work and themes we need to explore in our relationship with money.

The Money Feels Exercise

Connection with Breathe & Body

Guided Visualization Exercise

Reflections on the Journey

Food for thought!

So next time you take that friend out for dinner or you splurge on that item you have been wanting for months or an expense pops up unexpectedly. Stop and think about how it feels to spend that money – does it align with your Soul Currency? Which of your other currencies is being activated?

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